Our Summer Project

ReadersFor Easter, Kai asked the Easter Bunny for her own YouTube channel.  She enjoys watching toy review videos and wanted to start creating some of her own.  I was a bit skeptical about having her create her own videos, so I tried to come up with a way that I could be involved in the process.  I suggested to her that we create videos together for a blog that Kai, Kiki and I could share.  Getting it started has become our summer project.

Our blog, Follow the Readers Book Club will post written and video book, app and movie reviews.  We have our blog and Facebook group set up and plan on posting some reviews soon.  At this time, we’re asking that you like and share our Facebook page (click to get to page) or start following us at our website: followthereaders.com

The girls will be sharing some of their favorite things and I’ll add some reviews on young adult and adult books, apps and movies.

Stay tuned.  We can’t wait to share what we’re reading, watching and playing this summer!