The Power of a Read Aloud by Peggy Alfano

Great post about the importance of reading aloud to our older students.

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The Power of a Read Aloud

If I were a superhero, then books would be my faithful sidekick. Books have proven to be loyal companions of insight and inspiration and I carry one with me wherever I go. One of the reasons I became a teacher was my love for reading and my desire to ignite that passion in others. Then came the hard work of navigating through the many reasons why some children struggle with reading and finding workable solutions. Teachers have many resources and strategies, but developing skills takes time.

Encouraging and incenting children to read for at least twenty minutes each day is a proven way to increase and enrich vocabulary.  As children move past third grade they are reading to learn, rather than learning to read. Comprehension skills become vital across the curriculum. The daily read aloud is one way to strengthen both vocabulary and comprehension skills in all children, regardless of…

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30 Second Book Reviews: More Scaredy Squirrel 

Kiki can’t get enough of Mélanie Watt’s Scaredy Squirrel books. Here are two more 30 Second Book Reviews. Enjoy!



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